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We all experience stress on a regular basis. Positive stress aids us in overcoming difficulties and threats. Your heart rate, blood pressure, and energy levels all rise as a result of the body producing an excess of adrenaline.  However, persistent stress may be crippling and frequently has a negative effect on the female body, particularly… Read More »The impact of stress on female sexual health

In line with Cervical Health Awareness Month, we highlight the bad habits women need to look out for when it comes to cervical cancer and the importance of screening for the disease. Types of Cervical Cancer The cervix, which joins the uterus with the vagina, is where cervical cancer develops. Cervical cancer can take one… Read More »The Importance of Cervical Cancer Screening

At Whispa, we like to say that preventing pregnancy is not a big deal. However, if you do not know what contraceptive options are available for you, or if you do not know the factors to consider, the truth is, it can feel like a big deal. Pregnancy prevention methods also known as contraceptives are the… Read More »To prevent pregnancy, consider these 4 important factors

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