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Finding Claire 7

“Why are you so unforgiving?” The words hit Claire like a slap. She flinched. Looked up from doodling to find a female corper eyeballing her five feet away. Hands akimbo, she was the latest in a posse of emissaries in the two weeks since Claire had walked into Fola having sex with his neighbour.  Claire… Read More »Finding Claire Ep.7 – Pause

Ride for Women's Health campaign

To commemorate International Women’s Day 2024, Whispa Health, in conjunction with Bolt, flagged off the “RIDE FOR WOMEN’S HEALTH” campaign, a month-long healthcare initiative for women in Nigeria. This CSR campaign offers subsidized healthcare services to female riders via teleconsultation, vaccines, and after-care appointments for health issues such as; cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, and infertility. Read Also: Your… Read More »RIDE FOR WOMEN’S HEALTH CAMPAIGN

Ditching Bad Habits

We all aim for a healthy lifestyle, but occasionally, certain habits can slip through the cracks. These bad habits can not only impact our well-being but also specific aspects of our health. In this article, we’ll explore the often-overlooked link between smoking, excessive drinking, and the health of our veins. Decoding Vein Health Veins play… Read More »Ditching Bad Habits: How Smoking and Excessive Drinking Affect Vein Health

In a world dominated by desk jobs, it’s essential to grasp the influence of sedentary work on our well-being. This article digs deep into the frequently ignored outcomes of sitting for long stretches. We will shine a light on its implications for vein and mental health.  The Sedentary Lifestyle Epidemic As we traverse the 21st… Read More »Desk Job Dangers: How Sedentary Work Affects Vein Health and Mental Well-being

By: Larizza De Vera Navigating health issues, especially ones tied to fibroids and fertility, can feel like a real rollercoaster. In this guide, we’re diving into the complex realm of fibroids. You will learn about how they can mess with fertility and what options we’ve got on the table when it comes to contraceptives. What… Read More »Fibroids, Fertility, and Contraceptives: A Comprehensive Guide for Women

Finding Claire 7

“I want you” Claire stared at the WhatsApp message. She wanted her brain to interpret something else, or for the letters to rearrange themselves. Neither happened; of course. But she didn’t have an answer to the missive, so she was hit by instant regret. Why had she opened his message, for pete’s sake? Fola expected… Read More »Finding Claire Ep.6 – Scars 

Finding Claire 7

“Sannu” Claire curtsied at the entrance to the Principal’s office. Alhaja Aliyu looked up from the newspaper she had been reading and her face swelled in a smile, like puff puff batter meeting hot oil. “Koppa Klaire!” Her teeth flashed, and so too did dimples that holed both her cheeks. Right hand beckoning, Alhaja Aliyu… Read More »Finding Claire Ep.5 – Back To The Future

Harness the Power of Endorphins

By; Mara Sampson The chaos of life brings forth a whirlwind of emotions; a series of pits and peaks as we navigate the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, celebrate the highs and hold on tight through the lows. These fluctuating emotions are all part of being human…but if you’re feeling overwhelmed, this is… Read More »From Stress to Bliss: How to Harness the Power of Endorphins for Better Sex and Health

Finding Claire 7

By; Dupe Kuku. “Pregnant… It’s always these quiet ones… Desperate to be big girls but they don’t know the first rule…” Slivers of conversation reached Claire from dreamland.  She fluttered her lashes to get a view of the speakers and the person to whom they referred, and her heart jumped against her ribcage. Four of… Read More »Finding Claire Ep. 4 – Grapevine

Finding Claire 7

By; Dupe Kuku “Heeey! Mrs. Igwe! You must be upset!” Dr. Thuma’s head poked into the ward. Not waiting for response, she marched to the consulting room with quick clanks of court heels. She deposited her bag on the table. Fetched a transparent disposable bowl from her food basket. She waved the colour-filled plastic in… Read More »Finding Claire Ep.3 – Leak

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