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Gray Scale Photo of a Woman's Face
Gray Scale Photo of a Woman's Face

Better sex- Can Certain Exercises help?

Yes, some exercises can improve your experience and your control and awareness of different parts of your body during sex. But, what you might term ‘better sex’ totally depends on you.

This is because ‘better sex’ mostly depends on how well you know your body and your partner’s body. It depends on your ability to communicate with each other. It does not necessarily depend on how much time you spend exercising. So think of these exercises as supporting tools and not as a magic potion for awesome sex. 

At this point, you might begin to wonder “But isn’t sex an exercise on its own self?” and you might also be thinking “which kain wahala is sex exercise again” Not to worry, let us share some exercises that would improve your sex life. This will give you the added flexibility, stamina, and muscle tone for bed, door, or kitchen table gymnastics.

Exercises that lead to improved sex

1. Kegel

This exercise is guaranteed to improve your sexual skill set. Kegel is an exercise that teaches you how to clench your perineum and vaginal muscles. This enhances your pelvic floor muscles. In addition, Kegels helps men and women have improved bladder control which reduces the chances of urinary incontinence. It also helps with many other health issues due to weak pelvic floor muscles. Kegels can be done by men before and after prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate) to help hasten the recovery process.  To start doing Kegels, you first need to find the muscles you want to exercise. You do this by stopping your urine midstream and also by preventing a fart (mess) from being released. Once you have found those pelvic muscles, now you can practice clenching and releasing those muscles while, sitting, standing, walking, or doing any other daily activity.

2. How can Yoga help with better sex?

This exercise would help your flexibility be on fleek as you get into new postures. This in turn, helps you try out new sex positions when experimenting with your partner. Now you can stop dreaming about those sex positions that you feel are for ‘professionals only’. With the kind of body tone and flexibility you get from Yoga, even you can become a ‘master’.

  1. Lifting weights 

Lifting weights helps your body produce the kind of muscles you need in your arms and even your legs. With this, you can do some standing-type of sex positions or positions that require you to lift your partner and still keep hitting it.  It can also bolster your abdominal muscles and give you the ‘body’ of your dreams so let’s call that an additional perk.

4. Walking could help with better sex? Really?

Good old-fashioned walking! Walking fast or as fast as you can safely go, helps your blood vessels stay clear by boosting flow and circulation. For men, this may also help your erection to stay stronger or last longer than it usually does. Walking is one easy way to improve your sex life, stay healthy and fit. It also causes your body to produce endorphins that help you stay relaxed for any kind of experience including sex. 

  1. Swimming

Wouldn’t you like to have the stamina to go on and on during sex without getting tired or stopping to catch your breath? Well, swimming is one exercise that is a great way to make this possible while also helping you lose weight and build some lean muscles. If you can go long hours swimming, then you can bring the same vigor and endurance, and breath control during sex and say bye-bye to those days of panting like you have run a marathon.

In summary,

Exercise is a good thing for your well-being in general and not just your sex life. And while you might want to engage in these exercises, be conscious not to overwhelm yourself or you would end up hurting yourself and decreasing your sexual performance instead of improving it. Finally, know that exercises take time to see the results you want, so do not start it for one or two days and then give up “because it is not working.” 

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