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VASECTOMY: All you need to know

A vasectomy could be the best option for you if your family is complete and you’re searching for a long-term, side-effect-free method of birth control. Contrary to the common misconception, your testosterone, sexual desire, or libido won’t be affected by a vasectomy. The procedure’s goal is to simply stop semen from moving, which also stops… Read More »VASECTOMY: All You Need To Know

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The genitals are not only one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. They also have a tendency to be the home to some infections if not kept clean. Giving it the care it deserves is beneficial to men and women but it begs the obvious question- how? What exactly is the correct way to clean your genitals? This Part 1 is for men, Part 2 is for women and will be posted shortly, so let’s get started!!!

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Penis size does not determine whether or not your sex partner(s) will enjoy the session or experience earth-shattering orgasms during sex. Let’s take a minute to think of the penis size and compare it to breast size. By now you should know that the amount of milk the breasts can produce has nothing to do with the size. We said it- NOTHING.

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