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Your Health Balance Sheet

Dear Whispa Fam,

It has been over two weeks since Valentine’s Day. By now, you should have come down from all the highs and lows of that wonderful day. Examples of highs include the gifts you received, the cakes you ate, the engagement proposals, and, let’s not forget, the genital meet and greet that may have occurred. 

On the other hand, examples of lows include the heartbreak of realizing you are not your boo’s number 1 or even their number 3. Perhaps you had no boo to speak of, and all the peppering from the couples around you did not let the single and searching breathe. 

Now, whichever way your Valentine swung, this week is the week for balancing your Valentine balance sheet. You might think I am referring to your account balance that took a hit that week. Yes, that may be true, but no, I’m referring to your health balance sheet. 

When it comes to your health, if you had sex during Valentine’s Day (and depending on what type of sex you were having), then there are three unexpected post-Valentine gifts that could hit you this week. Here they are: 

1. Somebody is on the way oo, biggy-biggy bouncing baby:

Depending on whether you are TTC or not, this week is the week missed periods will begin to occur. This is because ovulation typically happens 14 days before the start of a new cycle. So if you or your woman ovulated before or around Valentine’s Day, then starting this week, the results of your genital workouts are going to be turned in. 

2. STIs come knocking. Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and more.

Now that it’s two weeks after your unprotected valentine escapades, it is a good time to get yourself to a laboratory for a basic STI screening test. Granted, you will need to redo some of these tests after 3 months (e.g., HIV), but the earlier you get some bacterial STIs diagnosed and treated, like gonorrhea or chlamydia, the better for you. 

3. Rashes, boils, herpes, and other STIs:

As part of the preparations for Valentine’s Day, some of you took to shaving off your pubic hair. However, what you did not know is that you shouldn’t shave one or two weeks before any coital action so that you won’t end up with tiny (invisible to the eye) wounds and bruises that will make it easy for you to catch a wide range of infections. 

See, don’t say I did not help you. Why not chat with a doctor, book your STI tests, and book your contraceptives on Whispa Today.

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