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Assorted Vegetables on the Table

Does penis size really matter?

Short answer: The science says No! It really does not matter. 

Penis size does not determine whether or not your sex partner(s) will enjoy the session or experience earth-shattering orgasms during sex. Let’s take a minute to think of the penis size and compare it to breast size. By now you should know that the amount of milk the breasts can produce has nothing to do with the size. We said it- NOTHING. 

Also, think of it like this, some people prefer their partners to have big boobs, small boobs, medium boobs, or no-bra-size-in-the-market boobs. We are not going to side-eye you for your preference but we also wanted to let you in on a not-well-known fact; which is that some women actually prefer small or average-sized penis to the big ones but will hardly announce it. 


Calm down! We know how society works, if ‘everyone’ (who are those everyone people sef) says that a particular size of body part or body shape is the best, many people find themselves believing it too. Our job in this article is to wake you up and ask you to be happy with your body parts even if it’s not the ‘popular choice’ because really in this case ‘size’ does not matter.

Although, we are not disregarding the fact that some people prefer a bigger, smaller, or just average size of the penis; but that is just a choice. Like liking bread and jam (yucky) as opposed to bread and butter (manageable) or bread and akara (heavenly); every human to their preferences.

Penis size with respect to fertility:

Without saying too much story, the answer is no, size does not determine the quality of sperm produced by the testicles.  Sperm is not even produced in the penis, the penis is essentially the external part of a conveyor belt.

Do bigger D’s last longer?

Nope! Sexual stamina has no remote connection to penis size. This is a fact that many a big-D chasing woman has found out and become heartbroken over. We said we should tell you and save you from shock and heartbreak. When a team of experts did research on the criteria for a pleasurable sexual penetration experience, penis size was ranked among the lowest things. Many women agreed to the fact that it is not how far, but how well.  They said, knowing how to stimulate your partner in order to get an orgasm, being emphatic, and showing a high level of confidence while communicating with your partner was what most women confessed to having liked when it comes to sexual relations. And yes! Foreplay such as oral sex to stimulate the clitoris was a very popular option. 

What is the perfect penis size? 

There is nothing like the ‘perfect’ penis size. A bigger penis is not the answer, because regardless of what the media claims and what men boast about, a bigger than average penis can have a tendency to make penetration painful or cause a nasty tear, especially during anal sex. 

The solution if you have a bigger than average penis is to find a sexual position that will do the least damage to her vaginal walls like ‘cowgirl’ or ‘girl on top’ so that she can control the depth of the penetration. It would also require you to go slow during penetration and almost always means you need extra lube, lots of extra lube. 

Smaller is not a problem. 

Quite contrary to what people believe, a smaller penis can be quite easy to handle if and when the penis owner is confident in himself. We find confidence is the biggest set-back for men with smaller penis sizes and can cause him to over-compensate financially or emotionally. Our advice, find positions that work best for you that will let you go deep and control the thrusts for example ‘doggy style’ vaginal or anal sex is a good option that works well for you and your partner will enjoy it too. This way, you and your partner can concentrate on the forthcoming pleasure rather than the penis size.

Is average the right answer then?

That depends on what average is to you. According to a study that measured over 15,000 men, they found out the average penis size is actually smaller than most men think (and most men brag about). The average size was found to be 3.6inches (9cm) when it’s not erect and about 5.1 inches (13cm) when the game is on. However, this average was calculated by measuring from the pubic bone to the top of the penis, without counting any pubic area fat and not counting any length added by the foreskin (in uncircumcised men). 

A study found out that many men seeking penile elongation surgery actually have average length penises, but perceive themselves to be small, a psychologic condition termed ‘Penile dysmorphic disorder’ or penile dysmorphophobia’.

Can you tell the D’ size by the shoe size?

We are ashamed of everyone (ourselves included) for believing and spreading this myth that penis size can be guessed using shoe size, little finger size, height, and whatever else people claim to use. Penis size is a result of genetics so you cannot also make it bigger or make it smaller without surgery which we are not recommending.

But I watch movies and see men with bigger D’s than mine

Which movies? Porn ba? We’re not judging your movie taste but we are going to blame the porn industry for selling to all of us this myth that most men are on the large or larger than average side. Porn directors look for the biggest D out there and pay their actresses to moan sweetly when she wants to actually shout “stop! It’s paining me” or “wait, wait, wait can you add some more lube”. Also like any movie, there are plenty ‘cut’ ‘action’, ‘cut’ ‘action’ so let’s just tell you in case you forgot; Porn is make-believe and it is a well-edited movie just like any action movie you have ever watched. It’s farrrr from reality.

In summary,

You can blow your partner’s mind even without being hung like a horse and you can take better care of your partner if you are. It all boils down to learning about your body, being confident, and finding out the best position for you and your partner and also finding out all the other ways to get it on. 

Also, let’s not forget many women will NEVER get orgasm (she might fake it though) from penetrative sex.  So if you are concerned about being a wonderful lover, please note that it is not a function of your penis, because women can achieve clitoral stimulation better without your penetrative help. So we recommend that if you have a smaller than average penis, you read up on how to be a better lover and we assure you that when she has her orgasm before yours (yes orgasms should be Ladies first), your size concerns are going to be the last thing on her mind and yours. 

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