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I masturbate a lot – Is this healthy?

You spread your legs open, your breath comes in quick pants. You’re about to climax and soon your eyes begin to fill with stars and rainbows. But as soon as you begin to descend from cloud nine, this big question comes. It has been playing subtly in your mind and suddenly strikes you. Are you masturbating too much? Could you harm yourself in the process? Is masturbation healthy?

At this point, your heart beats rapidly and your mind starts racing with a lot of what-ifs. You’re trying to piece together all the myths and everything you have ever heard about masturbation.

Is Masturbation Healthy/Safe?

Masturbation is actually quite healthy physically and is a normal and fun way to discover your body. It helps to receive sexual pleasure on your own schedule and to roll away stress and tension. It is also how many people discover their erogenous zones. (These parts of their body are most sensitive to sexual stimulation). It can also help one to teach a sex partner what they like. 

Oftentimes, (and this is common with women), many people are too shy to pleasure themselves. No wonder many women cannot get their sexual partner to touch them or pleasure them as they would like. This is because they have also never discovered what they like.

At this point in this article, you’re probably getting upset and thinking, “but I have heard masturbation is bad”. You have also probably heard a common rumor among men, that masturbation will cause male infertility. We want to assure you that this is not true

Why then do people say for me to masturbate is bad?

We cannot speak for everyone. When many people say masturbation is bad, this is because they either follow a religion or belong to a culture that frowns against self-administering sexual pleasure (masturbation). This can cause a lot of guilt that will make masturbation a very shame-filled experience for many people. Masturbation guilt and shame are real and could be affecting you severely. In this case, you may need to stop masturbating and speak to a therapist or psychologist. Do this especially if your guilt is causing you to feel depressed or suicidal. 

Is there any downside to masturbation?

As we said earlier, masturbation is physically healthy, but can there be a downside to masturbation? Yes, there can. Like sex with a partner, masturbation can become addictive but addiction in this sense applies to many things in life. This is why moderation is a life rule.  Please note that addiction can happen with many activities that give a lot of pleasure. This is not necessarily a masturbation problem. Another person could be addicted to sex or alcohol, food, drugs, porn, etc., and find out that they also display the same tendencies towards anti-social and life-harming behaviors as mentioned below. 

Addiction to masturbation is easy to spot when you notice that your desire to masturbate is making you avoid school, work, family events, important parties, or canceling appointments, or ignoring important aspects of your normal daily routine. It can also be easy to spot when you notice that it is affecting your interpersonal relationships with friends, family, or a sexual partner. Once you begin to avoid spending time with your loved ones or if you begin to prioritize your next masturbation session over some quality time with friends, an important lover, or family, then you should know you are dealing with an addiction. 

I think I am addicted to masturbation (or something else?). 

What can I do?

See a therapist, counselor, Psychologist, or at least see your doctor

In the meantime, try to make a list of other activities that you like doing and work on your willpower by doing one of these activities anytime you feel the urge to allow your addictions. 

I am worried about how masturbating affects me spiritually

If you feel shame after you masturbate because your religion or culture believes it’s immoral, to address your feelings of guilt, you may need to talk to someone who you know shares your religious or cultural beliefs but does not have the same dilemma as you. If you cannot find such a person, you can also give yourself a pep talk and decide once and for all, whether to do or not to do yourself. 

Remember just as you choose your religious beliefs, this decision to masturbate or stop masturbating is one that you will need to make on your own and if you feel like it is affecting your mental health you will need to see a psychologist or a doctor who specializes in mental health.  Many people want their doctor to bless their masturbation or give them advice that they can say is a ‘doctor’s prescription’. Please note that no one can make this decision for you, not even your doctor. 

Before we wrap up, here are Five Reasons why you Should Masturbate

  • Masturbation comes with all the benefits of good sex, it can help you to relax, relieve stress, anxiety, headaches, and many more. 
  • Unlike sex with a partner, you cannot catch an STD or get pregnant from masturbating 
  • Some people jump into or stay in unhealthy or abusive relationships because the ‘sex is good. Thanks to masturbation, you can walk away from toxic relationships and passionately give yourself a well-deserved orgasm.
  • Masturbation helps you to understand your body. Get to know your erogenous spots, your sexual needs, needs, and all the places that you like to be touched which could take you to cloud 9 and back
  • Masturbation and the resulting orgasm can be really good for women, it’s been known to relieve menstrual pain and cramps because orgasms release so many feel-good endorphins to your brain which can work better than any pain killer you use. 

Remember, you can chat with our doctors on whispa mobile app or leave a comment below.

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