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The liver is one of the most commonly talked about vital organs in the human body, and even though not many people know of its actual functions, that doesn’t take away its high significance in our lives. The liver is often talked about and associated with drinking and smoking. You’ve probably heard someone warn against both habits and how they are bad for you.

It is a universal truth that everyone has a distinct odour. However, for those who have vaginal odours “down below,” it can be quite unpleasant and unsettling. Are these smells typical, and can they be avoided or gotten rid of ? These are some of the questions that we want to tackle in this article.

Have you ever had an unexpected menstruation or several days of spotting? If yes, you’re likely dealing with breakthrough bleeding.

It is common knowledge that keeping track of all the exams, shots, and other preventative healthcare procedures you require to maintain good health throughout your life can be difficult, especially for men. To help with this process, here are some health checks men should do in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, as well as the necessary screening tests and vaccines.

On those activity-filled days such as; a friend’s wedding, or a day at the beach, maybe you’re planning a friend’s bridal shower soon, or perhaps you just want to know when to pack a pad or tampon in your suitcase so that your menstrual cycle won’t catch you off guard.

The primary rule for maintaining both sexes’ health and wellbeing is Genital Hygiene. Yes, cleanliness is second only to godliness. Let’s talk about how we can maintain cleanliness down there.

Over the past decade, young Nigerians have grown increasingly sexually and socially liberated. Old taboos surrounding alcohol and sex have begun to fall away and the mixing of alcohol and sex has become commonplace. Unfortunately, as more and more Nigeria-focused studies are revealing, this drinking is frequently heavy, and the sex is often risky.

Most myths surrounding the sexual and reproductive health of women are based on superstition, lack of scientific knowledge, stigma and gender-based discrimination hence, it is important to debunk the prevailing myths because otherwise the problem may be treated for a while but it would continue to recur with increasing severity.

Semen and sperm are kind of like squares and rectangles. Semen is not a part of sperm, but Sperm is a part of semen. So are Semen and Sperm the same thing? Nope! They are NOT! Semen, commonly known as ejaculate or cum, is the white-ish fluid that typically but not always leaks from a person’s penis after they ejaculate. Semen is made up of many different components, but the male reproductive cells within the semen are known as sperm.

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