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To ensure other ladies can avoid this kind of wahala that Cassandra is in, let us briefly show you some of the wrong things people do around the world (but especially in Nigeria) to prevent pregnancy). Most of these methods are highly unreliable, while some are just plain dangerous and even unsafe. So let’s get started.

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Is withdrawal a good contraceptive method? Well, let’s tell a story. I missed my period and I just knew that I was pregnant. Me that my parents felt I was still a virgin, how will I tell them?

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Modern Contraception refers to different methods used in preventing pregnancy. There are quite a number of effective contraceptive methods but each country might not have every single type.

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For many young people, using contraceptives is not something to think about before having sex. Yet at the same time, young people are worried about unplanned pregnancies, avoiding abortions, and catching STDs.

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Hello, I am Sandra and this is my story. I remember I was 15, the first time I learned about sex with men and what it entailed. Back then, I knew that some of my classmates were already having sex.

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an ampiclox prevent pregnancy? No! A lot of people commonly think wrongly that Ampiclox beecham or some brand of antibiotic can help prevent pregnancy. Recently, I was chatting with some undergrads about what they did to prevent pregnancy. Here’s what they told me…(not their real names)

Mood swings, Breast Pain or Tenderness, Breakouts, Bloating, Constipation and or diarrhea. These are just some of the symptoms ( read horrors ) women face in the name of reproduction. They are collectively referred to as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), and to some may be a mere inconvenience but to others, debilitating.

Breast pain can occur in both men and women, in either case, the causes can vary and can be a thing of concern. For the sake of this blog post, we will be focusing on women.

When it comes to the “are you fertile?” question, it applies to both men and women. For pregnancy to occur, the man and the woman involved must both be fertile. Being fertile refers to the ability of a person to produce offspring. For the sake of this discussion, we’ll be focusing on fertility in women.

ep, you read that right ! There are a few similarities between the clitoris and the penis. While on this very interesting topic, I heard that some people don’t even know the location of the clitoris. Did you catch our post of a video interview asking men to point out the clitoris in a diagrammatic representation? It was so funny. Most men weren’t sure of its exact location.

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