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woman smiling wearing flower crown
woman smiling wearing flower crown

Can ampiclox prevent pregnancy?

Can ampiclox prevent pregnancy? No! A lot of people commonly think wrongly that Ampiclox beecham or some brand of antibiotic can help prevent pregnancy. Recently, I was chatting with some undergrads about what they did to prevent pregnancy. Here’s what they told me…(not their real names)

Kemi says if she quickly urinates after sex, she knows she won’t get pregnant. Tolu says she hasn’t tried it yet, but she heard that drinking hot gin and alabukun works. Chinenye says that taking two tablets of Beecham Ampiclox works for her, well except that one time. Patricia says ‘staying on top’ is the best way to prevent pregnancy because she knows that the sperm can fall out.

Do they work?

I was really (not) sorry to break the news to all of them that none of those tricks and strategies actually work. Obviously, they had all been lucky (for now), but as Chinenye would quietly tell me, two abortions had already happened despite all the Beecham ampiclox she took. Ampiclox is an antibiotic, meaning it kills bacteria and not sperm cells and the resulting pregnancy will NOT be harmed by it. Beecham Ampiclox is an antibiotic and can not prevent pregnancy. The Hot gin and alabukun will likely cause stomach ulcers (sorry o) and for your information, there are a million sperm cells in one teaspoon of semen. This means that even if some drops of semen fall out, there are literally millions left. They are still playing inside your vagina, looking for a ripe mature egg to make babies with.

Sadly, there are many young women like Chinenye, who have learned the ‘hard way’ that a lot of these tricks don’t work, but there are still many young women who do not know who to ask that will not give them a holy lecture or give them wrong gist and just leave them more confused than before.

You deserve better

See, that’s where Whispa comes in, We are super passionate about talking to everyone (especially young women) about their sex life. We believe you should get pregnant when you are ready. For women, this trend of becoming someone’s baby mama ‘by accident’ has to stop. Sister, you know that you deserve more than that. Your baby deserves better too, they deserve a mom who wants them and is ready. They also deserve a dad who cares too and can cater for them. 

I know so many people might find this hard to believe. In my experience, it is not only single ladies that end up with unwanted pregnancies. There are so-so many married ladies that have had one, or multiple unwanted pregnancies and have gotten just as many abortions. In fact, some of their current children are the end result of yet another failed prevention. These often involve another withdrawal/pull-out method/ ampiclox (antibiotic) trick to prevent pregnancy that did not work out

The Solution is simple

The solution is simple if you want to have sex for the fun of it-yes! news flash! it is okay for people to want to have sex for fun and not just for making babies-then use contraceptives.  There are so many contraceptive options for you. From condoms to the diaphragm,  pills, injections, implants, and a ton of IUDs, you get to choose. There is also calendar counting if you are a good candidate for it. All of them help you to avoid all the drama of praying for your period to come or the drama of looking for where to get rid of the result after the fact. Please avoid using ampiclox (Beecham or not) or other non-proven methods to prevent pregnancy. Even the so-called  ‘noble’ road and becoming an ‘unwed mom’ or ‘baby daddy’ is avoidable if you act now. 

Whispa is your shame-free contraceptive plug. We will not only book your appointments somewhere private for you but also at an affordable fee of N5000 to N7000 and our doctors are also here to support you. They are literally ONE chat away.

So the choice is yours, do you want to keep praying pregnancy away? Or do you want to find a contraceptive method that suits you today?

Chat with our doctors first, or go to our contraceptive appointment page and book your appointment right now.

We currently book appointments ALL OVER Nigeria, so if you do not see your state listed, please Call/WhatsApp/text us on 08094477226

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