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When you have sex without any form of contraception, pregnancy can occur. This is because sperm can still stay alive long enough to fertilize a woman’s egg that is released up to 5 days after the man’s ejaculation. Now in some women, their menstrual cycle is so short.

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My name is Ada. You can call me old school, but I promised myself I would remain a virgin until I get married. This is not because I am keeping my virginity for my husband or anything like that. This is because I finally realized it was okay to keep my virginity for me.

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My name is Mirabel and when I first started having sex, I was usually shy to talk about condoms with my partner. I couldn’t even buy a condom or look at where it is kept in the supermarkets. So, I was totally dependent on my partner’s decision to either use a condom or not.

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This year has been all about the pandemic. Don’t worry, we are not here to talk about Covid-19. Instead, we want to highlight another unacknowledged Pandemic- Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). We call it a pandemic because millions of people all over the world are infected. Moreso, they do not get tested to know. Worse, it is easily spread from country to country through one of our hobbies as humans-SEX.

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STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infections, and it stands for a range of infections that can be contracted when you have sexual relations with an infected person.

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You are bound to worry if you’ve missed your period or your pregnancy test still says that you are not pregnant. However, don’t stress yourself yet, because your late period could due to a number of reasons that have nothing to do with pregnancy.

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When Sandra has her periods, they last for three to five days. She barely notices it before it’s time to menstruate and hardly remembers it for the next couple of days.

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To ensure other ladies can avoid this kind of wahala that Cassandra is in, let us briefly show you some of the wrong things people do around the world (but especially in Nigeria) to prevent pregnancy). Most of these methods are highly unreliable, while some are just plain dangerous and even unsafe. So let’s get started.

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Is withdrawal a good contraceptive method? Well, let’s tell a story. I missed my period and I just knew that I was pregnant. Me that my parents felt I was still a virgin, how will I tell them?

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Modern Contraception refers to different methods used in preventing pregnancy. There are quite a number of effective contraceptive methods but each country might not have every single type.

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